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Chapter 6: My Little Glass Cage
The dream is like watching a fish swim beneath icy water.
It is distorted at times, and hard to see what is going on, but I can definitely feel every chilled current that lingers on my skin.
The first thing that comes to mind upon opening my eyes is white. Like those pictures I’d seen of Arctic landscapes in the books at the library. Silver and ivory and alabaster dust until all the eyes can see is white, and it is unclear where one particle begins and the other ends. My eyelids feel bulky with the weight of invisible lead, but not the normal kind. I’m a thirty-year-old woman who’s upheld the role of Spymaster for half of her life and who’s completed several recon assignments into the Royal Palace and returned hardly scathed, so I could handle lead. Physical endeavors have never been too big of a problem for me. But this kind of lead is different. It is the kind that pulses through your blood vessels so that limbs are almost unmovable. The kind
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The Last Journals of Kirshtan
The Last Journals of ∆rshtan
41067 Quinten, Year A – 000091
“It’s only temporary,” they said.
“Just stay indoors. The scientists will take care of it,” they said.
They tell us it’s nothing to worry about. That we should go on with our daily tasks. That all we must do to protect ourselves is to stay indoors. That we should just pretend we don’t notice the occasional corpse lying out on the road – left to rot or to be dined on by immense scavengers in a world where the Epidemic is just a thing to “not worry about” and that will be “taken care of by the scientists”.
Ever since ∆rshtan was hit by Meteorite 604 back in the year A – 000080, everything went downhill from there. Oh yeah, 604 was a doo-dinger alright. But the side-effects didn’t simply cease at the breakout of the Epidemic.
I don’t know what was hidden in that meteorite, but the chemical
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What the Man Said to Me
It's a Sunday night
And the bar's almost closed
It's late and unexpected
But the door chime goes
There's none present but us
Me and this man
who sits and asks nonchalantly
for an All-Irish Black and Tan
"A bit strong, for such late a night?"
I ask as I start the drink
But the man, he stays silent
Just appearing to think
Finally he speaks up
And says quietly 
"It's been a long week at home,
I'm glad I got to leave.
"My daughter, she's sick,"
he proceeds without break,
He looks down, terrified,
at the drink I just made.
I give an apologetic look
As I ask what he means
"She hasn't quite been...
herself lately, you see."
His voice shrinks now
To a mere, quiet whisper
"But I'm still her Daddy,
I want what's best for her.
"But the ill girl at home
She isn't Eliza, don't you know?
Her eyes are pitch black
And her breath is ice cold."
I strain to hear his mumbles
His words, his case.
I try to hide the befuddlement
From showing on my face.
His whispers are suddenly ceased
By a crash in the
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Tidy Grey Lines [rewritten]
Highways are always so loud.
Highways. Streams of pavement lined by an endless parade of motorized vehicles; cars, trucks, buses. Aggressive drivers, toughened by years of maneuvering both traffic and other incompetent drivers, blare their horns and complain exuberantly from their rolled-down windows. The screech of airplanes overhead and the idle chatter of the occasional pedestrian does nothing to improve the quiet either.  
Highways are always so loud.
So why put a cemetery next to one?
The view from the inside, over the tall arches and run-down fences wasn't idealistic for a tourist attraction. But then again, what tourist would volunteer for a view of such a highway? And from a graveyard nonetheless. Along with the sound of automobiles rolls the deep rumblings of distant thunder; of storm clouds proclaiming their threat of rendering the sunlight out of the throne of the sky. 
I take a long look around me at the other pillars of stone scattered across the yard. This parti
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Cookie Haiku
I think something's wrong
Here I can't get my hand out
Of the cookie jar
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That Other Self of Mine (CH1)
Where should a good story begin? In a faraway castle? In a dark, enchanted forest? Or perhaps, in a most realistic dream? After all, what if life itself was a dream that we would all eventually wake up from? (I tend not to think about this subject too often, for my brain's sake.) My story, I suppose, isn't really mine. It begins in the crib of baby Moreen Elizabeth Croqet, (which just so happens to my birth name as well), though the first story is not about me. Please also note that all accounts retold here that are not from my perspective have been taken directly from the retelling of others or of Moreen herself.
A woodcarved craddle, hand-painted along the top of the headboard. The blankets within, soft, laid over a duck-feathered bedding to cuddle the week child. Even softer singing wrapped the yawning child in a feeling of being secure as her eyes closed. The moon's light shone softly in the room, to keep the fears of the darkness away, (or that least to make us believe that) as sh
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Dearest Brooklyn [rewritten]
My dearest Brooklyn,
How have you been as of late? It's been a long time since I last saw or heard from you. I'm fine, in case you wanted to know, although over these last few months I’ve been kept quite busy. This year has truly gone by with the flying colours of memories plagued with sorrow and interwoven with those of joyous laughter.  
I was hired as a gatekeeper for the Royal Palace just a few weeks ago. I know it's not as a noble occupation as some of those that you wished for me, but the work isn’t as heavy or dangerous as it was back at the mine, and the pay is more than enough for a single young man to get by on. This royal family, however, is a true delight to the realm; two sons and a daughter. The girl's mighty beautiful, and they say that she's even capable of bonemending. But not as beautiful as you Brook.
Yvonna still laughs at me often, and teases me about how I'm never going to be wed, but I don't think she ever knew about you. Now that I think back on
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Luminosity of the Splendid
       It is widely-known by most mademoiselles who reside in New York the primary principle of playing hostess; to keep entertained the guests without reverence to any personal little discomforts.
If Wendy Sudwell held any insecurity over her own attendance at the Sudwell ball, none was evident. She glided across the parquet floor and past the mural window with slight deification in her ladylike gait and in a partially intimidating manner. Her sharp features beheld downwards as she musingly admired the dust-free frame of ecru cherrywood and the comb-crested lace curtains imported from Versailles. It was an essentiality of society for the Sudwells to present only the inimitable and the most immaculate to the public.
“Miss Sudwell,” Wendy shifted her gaze to her impending greeter.
“Miss Sudwell, it is always such a pleasure to see you. You look overwhelmingly lovely this evening, as always,” Cason Genoble provided, along with the gentle brush of his lips against
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Dreamers and the Dead (Aradia)
Dreamers and the Dead (Aradia)
Forth, discord a’plenty
Reasons not a many
Fate has rhymed and reasoned too
Anarchy and tyranny
Crouching behind the scenes
Suspended hesitancy
I’m glad you’ll stay
With me through throes of disarray
Dreams in bubbles captured
Held in oblivion
Queens are weeping
Heroes bleeding
The sun is turning deep green
Light is slowing
Three years yearning
It’s not for me
It’s not for me
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Showtime by CAPPSSLOKK Showtime :iconcappsslokk:CAPPSSLOKK 8 2
Frozen in Sleet
Translucent is his pale skin through the permafrost crystalline.
Paler than ice wine in wintertide is his carapace.
Grayer than liquefied metal.
Absolutely bloodless and cadaverous is his skin.
Woe to what has been witnessed through his frozen blue eyes; endless upon endless masses of water and floe.
Locks of brown curls past are now locked in place, not much more than benumbed threads.
His waxy fingers grasp for something definite, something concrete, to have held onto in his eleventh hour.
Though nothing had met them but the water; the freezing, stinging ale of Adam.
An icy burn so intense it had consumed him in his entirety millimeter by millimeter; intense…burning…freezing…devouring.
He had cried, no doubt, he had blubbered like an infant; evident from the glistening soulrain caressing cheeks ashen.
Ice; queen of cold, master of preservation, how the humans succumb to you in your unmitigated domain.
Porcelain lips are pursed in a cry for help, frozen in chronology.
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AoH:S4 Exams (Forest of Life) by CAPPSSLOKK AoH:S4 Exams (Forest of Life) :iconcappsslokk:CAPPSSLOKK 3 3 Emphest - Terence DesChenes by CAPPSSLOKK Emphest - Terence DesChenes :iconcappsslokk:CAPPSSLOKK 3 1
Bricks Don't Fly
Chapter 1
The commencement of spring, refreshing and lively after a long, sad winter. Too long, for Phasel. A time of rebirth and new beginnings. A time to rid the memories of the past that had lone ago stolen his childhood. Phasel opened his eyes, finally able to witness the light slithering past his drapes and landing an exact hit on his left eye. Finally able to awaken from a long, sleepless nightmare. He pulled back the blankets that weighed heavily on his body and strolled briskly to peer out his bedroom window. Sakura trees lined the side of the endless roads outside, swaying gently in the spring breeze. Leaves dancing in the air; controlled and conducted by the wind, while birds fluttered past the cherry blossoms. The happiness and peace was exactly the opposite of all the chaos and the turmoil stirring up in his life. Flopping back down on his bed, arms apart he stared intently at the intricate patterns on the ceiling, AKA; little white dots of cement.
"Sel! Breakfast!" came Pr
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Dear Brooklyn...
Dear Brooklyn,…
Dear Brooklyn,
How are you? It's been a long time since I last saw you. I'm fine in case you're wondering, although these last few months have been quite busy. Still, this year has gone by with flying colours; plagued with sorrow and brimmed with overjoyed memories.
I was hired as a gatekeeper for the Royal Palace just a few weeks ago. I know it's a strange occupation. Plus, gatekeepers are often overlooked, and I'm sure you are aware by now how much I adore the spotlight. This royal family however is a true delight to the realm. Two sons and a daughter. The girl's mighty beautiful, and they say that she's even capable of bonemending. But not as beautiful as you, Brook. Never as beautiful as you.
My sister laughs at me often, and teases me about how I'm never going to be wed, Brook. But I don't think she ever knew about you. She probably never knew about you. Now that I think back on it, we probably never should've kept it hidden from everyone else. Regret; it'
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AoH - Winter Ball 2011 by CAPPSSLOKK AoH - Winter Ball 2011 :iconcappsslokk:CAPPSSLOKK 4 5


bipper feverrr by sleii bipper feverrr :iconsleii:sleii 987 23 White Hawk - Griffith - Berserk by NarcissPuppet White Hawk - Griffith - Berserk :iconnarcisspuppet:NarcissPuppet 982 85 Call by HorizonAllure Call :iconhorizonallure:HorizonAllure 38 16 Daetrius commission by BabaKinkin Daetrius commission :iconbabakinkin:BabaKinkin 16 3 Convenient by myetie Convenient :iconmyetie:myetie 188 12 Yazoo - Final Fantasy VII Advent Children by NarcissPuppet Yazoo - Final Fantasy VII Advent Children :iconnarcisspuppet:NarcissPuppet 1,018 141 Axent Wear Update by yuumei Axent Wear Update :iconyuumei:yuumei 15,756 544 022015 by Nevicity 022015 :iconnevicity:Nevicity 49 4 COMM: glaring colors ahoy! by 1floweredcrown COMM: glaring colors ahoy! :icon1floweredcrown:1floweredcrown 67 0 Tired Squalo by chirun Tired Squalo :iconchirun:chirun 104 20 Bait by Dcasom Bait :icondcasom:Dcasom 54 6 Snowstorm Sivir - League Of Legends by hellfire-shield Snowstorm Sivir - League Of Legends :iconhellfire-shield:hellfire-shield 181 6 Taeyang Flow by Exo-Grafitti Taeyang Flow :iconexo-grafitti:Exo-Grafitti 35 3 Whatever Happened to the Teenage Dream by Skye-Bird Whatever Happened to the Teenage Dream :iconskye-bird:Skye-Bird 320 39 Into The Storm by yuumei Into The Storm :iconyuumei:yuumei 20,120 570


For this week's :iconlive-love-write: assignment.

Partner/Author featured: *drumroll please*

:icondreamdaywirter: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks so much for being a great partner.

Surprisingly (but nor unfortunately), there was a harsh tie between two of my favourite pieces from her gallery, so I guess I'll just have to post them both on here...

!. Secret Book: Chapter: Cetus {Chapter 2}Alex's face stayed calm and relaxed. Even though his heart beat frantically against chest, sending a shock of pain through his already sore rib cage.
Now that his blood was rushing to his heart, his head was beginning to clear, he was able to think.Alex's eyes slid to the man sitting by his bed side. He had seen this mans wrinkled face before. His dress clothes were too well made, to be those of a day to day guards.
"Have you made up your mind about a name?" the man asked.
"Sė," Alex spoke with no shift in his voice. "LeVar Capitano. That is your name correct? Captainof the Florentine Guards." LeVar raised an eye brow. "You can remember that, but not whether your name is John or Alex?" Annoyance slipped heavily into his voice.
"Correggere." Alex spoke with a slight smirk coming to his face. "I know your name because I saw a flyer about the citizens of Firenze being watched. It had your name and photo on it." As Alex was telling him this, his eyes were slowly sliding back up to gaze at

2. Window
It's hard
To watch the day
Through the window pane
Of what the world might hold
It breaks
The soul
The heart
To be stuck between four walls
That feels as if they are caving in
Its hope
The bird bring
As it passes by
Gleaming sad eyes
That peers through blinds
It's my mind
That I'm tapped inside
Watching the day wave by
Through the windows of my eyes
Waiting for my release
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